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The Learning Reinvented Podcast - Episode 29 - Learning Transfer - Fergal Connolly

November 10, 2021

Welcome to another edition of the Learning Reinvented podcast, brought to you by The Learning Effect Team.

In this episode host Katie Godden is joined by Fergal Connolly, a Learning Consultant, who's worked in a number of learning roles and has a passion for learning transfer.

The Learning Reinvented Podcast aims to bring a variety of new and different voices to talk about the current and future state of learning at work. We want our conversations to be though provoking, useful and real world. We appreciate your thoughts and feedback to help achieve this.

About The Learning Effect

The Learning Effect’s vision is to help companies create purposeful, consumer grade learning experiences which help you deliver your business goals and your team realise their potential. If you are looking to change your companies learning or for new learning technologies we should be your first call.

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About the Guest – Fergal Connolly

Fergal is currently working as a learning consultant, helping organisations with various learning requirements. He's got a true passion for learning transfer and has his own website and radio show on the topic! To get in touch with Fergal or to view his content on learning transfer, you can use the links below:


Contact Fergal on LinkedIn

Fergal's Website

Learning Transfer Radio


About the Host - Katie Godden

Katie is one of the founding directors of The Learning Effect.

With over 10 years experience in the learning industry within a number of different sectors, Katie is now focused on helping organisations transform their learning offering.

She is passionate about creating learning journeys in the workplace which replicate how we learn in our lives outside of work.



You can follow and connect with Katie via:

LinkedIn: Katie Godden - LinkedIn



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