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Learning Reinvented Podcast - Episode 1 - New to L&D - Giulia Salvi

October 18, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of Learning Reinvented podcast, brought to you by James Poletyllo and Katie Godden the team from The Learning Effect.


In the first episode, instead of speaking with industry experts, James speaks to Giulia Salvi who is someone who's entering the world of learning in 2020, coming from a law and retail background. 

The Learning Reinvented Podcast aims to bring a variety of new and different voices to talk about the current and future state of learning at work. We want our conversations to be though provoking, useful and real world. We appreciate your thoughts and feedback to help achieve this.


About The Learning Effect

The Learning Effect’s vision is to help companies create purposeful, consumer grade learning experiences which help you deliver your business goals and your team realise their potential. If you are looking to change how your companies learning or look at new learning technologies we should be your first call.


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 About the Guest – Giulia Salvi

Giulia is a lawyer by training and moved from Italy to the UK. She gained experience as a Retail Manager and during this time ignited her passion for learning and development. She has worked to build her skills and knowledge including undertaking her CIPD qualifications.

She is hugely optimistic and passionate about the future of learning as she looks to find her first full time L&D role.



You can contact and follow Giulia on LinkedIn:


About the host - James Poletyllo

James is one of the founding director's of The Learning Effect.

With 20 years experience of leading learning functions in a variety of industries he is now focused on helping organisations create consumer grade learning experiences which deliver results and performance.  

He is passionate about making a difference and is on a mission to change the future of learning at work for the good of every employee.



You can follow and connect with James via:



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